Sunday, April 29, 2007

USPS, Big *** and my very last nerve

I received my oilcloth order from on Saturday and had big plans to make bunches of lunch bags ..... let me go back to receiving my oilcloth order for just a second before we move forward........... The US Postal Service has a problem, I'm sorry if any postal workers are reading and offended but please try to understand my plight. Let's call this Rant #1.
For safety's sake we'll say I live on 555 Brighthouse Road, for some reason 50% of my mail (mostly the good stuff) goes to a house 3 blocks away at 555 Clarion Street. WHY????? This has been going on for years! The woman that lives there and I have become very friendly and she calls me weekly to let me know how many pieces of mail she is holding for me. Mind you- I have only ever received one lousy piece of her junk mail. Another thing to keep in mind is that I have had at least 10 different mail carriers over the past few years. There are two things that I am fairly certain of concerning this rant, the first is that I think the woman at 555 Clarion is watching all of my Netflix movies because"oops, I thought it was my movie again and opened it!" and the second thing is that she thinks I am some kind of fabric freak and it frightens her a little. OK, the rant is over, I just needed to vent.
So, I got my oilcloth from Sew Mama Sew. Yay!!! I only had time to make this one lunch bag and Julia has claimed it for her own.
strawberry dot lunch bag 001

Speaking of Julia, just look at my little softball star yesterday-
peewee softball07 002
suited up as catcher-
peewee softball07Julia catcher
She did a good job and they won the game!
While we are on softball, let's move on to rant#2
"the mother that's on my last nerve"
This part of the post has been removed for a few reasons. The person it was written about has redeemed herself and if she read this it would hurt her feelings. 10/22/07


Kim Bates-owner said...

very, extremely BAD FORM!!!! I'd go say something (after you turn 50 you don't put up with that shit anymore!)

catiepillars said...

best post ever!EVER!!
fabric freak!
p.s congrats to julia!

Dinah said...
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Lia (artjunkgrl) said...
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