Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fun mail at MY door!

Maybe the mail sorter read my last post and decided to give me a thrill by putting my fun mail in with my junk mail and bills yesterday because all of it came right here and not to 555 Clarion Street! I have been wanting this fun Michael Miller Retro Rascals print for a very long time
yay! new fabric!
This is a full yard.... imagine how many things I can make if I ever have a few sewing hours ever again.
Then there was this very exciting package, don't mind the color it was taken at pre-dawn:
My flickr Moo cards! I just love them!!!! If I ever start selling things, they will make a really cute tag. If I never sell anything then I have a bunch of cute cards and am out 20 bucks.
Our new pool is in and filling up with water.
the new pool
They ran into a few problems, unfortunately. Since the old pool was, um old, the standard size has changed so the deck will need to be patched/rebuilt in areas. No biggie, the husband has a friend that will help us as long as I cook a few meals and we offer a few beers. I can handle that.
My next post will be my 100th post. I'm kind of wiped out this week so I doubt it will be very profound or celebratory, besides you may think you were at the wrong blog if it were!!
Have a great day :)


qusic said...

your swimming pool is gonna be great, I'll come for a dive:-), our DHL man loves to deliver packets for the whole neighbourhood at my door, that's what SAHMs are for....but I don't mind, they hold mine if I'm not at home.

Amy said...

Love that fabric! Can't wait to see what you do with it :)