Sunday, May 06, 2007

100 Posts in 202 days!

Wow, I am shocked at myself!
I didn't think that I would keep up with it for this long or as often as I do. I didn't have any idea where I was going with this blog thing....... um ....... I guess it's never really going to go anywhere or really going to say anything but that's ok, right? I think we all write what it is we like or need to read from other blogs. I like mine with pretty pictures of cool things that people make and a few pictures of their famillies. I like the writing to be light and fun and pretty quick to read because I don't have a whole lot of time or attention to invest in deep or very long posts.
I am amazed to this day that ANYONE actually reads and comments on my humble and somewhat goofy little blog. Thank you to all of you that I have met here! It puts a giant smile on my face when I get a comment from you.
I leave you in typical Carol fashion...... I am super bitchy with PMS, piles of laundry and no time to sew. Feel free to leave me some feedback, requests, constructive critcism on my little blog, but just remember, I warned you about the PMS thing ;)
See you during the week!


Diana said...

Congrats on your 100th entry!! I am new to your blog and have enjoyed reading it. Have a Great day!!!

Happy Zombie said...

Congrats on your 100th post! Thanks for visiting my blog (and thanks for the linky love too!)... and leading me her. I'm ooohing and ahhhhing at all the goodies you have here. And I'm not just saying that because you scared me with the PMS. HA!

Happy 100 and cheers to many more - Monica

Happy Zombie said...

UM... leading me HERE not HER. Blech... TyPoS!

catiepillars said...

my suggestion is chocolate. lots and lots of chocolate. we love you carol and your blog!

qusic said...

congrats,Carol, you know I visit you via blog on a regular basis and love to leave silly comments. So go, Carol go, on for the next 100s :-))and eat chocolate carefully if bitchy, what a good and caring advice from catiepillars!works but never leaves your hips again.

debbie said...

chocolate, wine, and a nap are in order. Congrats on the 100th blog.

Randi said...

I just came across your blog a couple of days ago, my daughter bookmarked you and sent me a link because she knew I would like your style! I kind of like blogs with shortish posts because I actually have the time to read them!

Keep up the lovely blogging!

calamitykim said...

Congratulations! I can leave comments easily now- did something change? Mistified by the deal on that! ( why is it suddenly taking comments like it did before? cRaZy!)

Carol said...

Thanks for all the well wishes! Sorry I have been MIA lately, life just won't let up.
Nice to meet you Diana and Randi :)