Friday, May 11, 2007

when I grow up

I want to be just like her:

Does it matter that she's a little bit younger than me? cough*10years*cough
This is a teacher at our school and also someone who I've become good friends with over the years. It doesn't hurt that she's gorgeous, smart, funny and had dinner with Derek Jeter, I think she's just a really great person. We are both playing this karma game with each other lately. She thinks that I'm pretty nice and appreciates the good things that I do, so she does good things in turn for me. For instance: she gave my daughter ski passes this past winter so that she could go on this ski vacation with her friends which we would have otherwise not been able to afford. That night at her other job at a very fancy restaurant her regular customers left her crazy-generous tips, out of the blue, that more than covered her ski passes.

Then, she gave me a very expensive piece of jewelry that a guy gave to her as a gift and refused to take it back after she explained that she was never going to like him, like him...... anyway, she wants my daughter to have it as a graduation gift. What 14 year old gets the blue box for 8th grade graduation????

Maybe that was karma that helped land her that dinner with Derek Jeter or it could be that she is gorgeous, sweet, funny and knows more about baseball than most men......who knows? Anyway, you get the point. You always hear how karma can be a bitch but karma can also be Tiffany necklaces, dates with Derek Jeter, gifts for your kids when you don't know where you'll find the money and most of all just a feeling of doing good. I am only giving you the glitzy examples here. This woman does so much good as an educator and as friend that she will be riding the karma train for a loooong time.

As for me, I am hoping that the karma train will stop at my sewing machine soon and let me off for an extended visit. My needs are simple people, besides my neck is too fat for that necklace.... I already tried it on.


calamitykim said...

wow! I too would like to dance in her shoes for one night! How wonderful that you guys are friends and have the good fortune to share the wealth! I will light a candle for you and me both to get off at the sewing station. Yard sale again...blah...

debbie said...

How old do you have to be to be grown up? Cool present.... you go Sammy.

My kids never had 8th grade graduations. Is this something new?

Carol said...

Well, the thing is with public school, you usually go to seperate pre-school, grammar school, middle school and high schools. In catholic school (our case any way) these kids have been together in the same school since they were 3. One class per grade.... it's a tiny fish bowl. Next year most of the girls will move on to one of the all girl's catholic high schools and most of the boys will go to a boy's catholic high school... essentially moving to bigger same-sex fish bowls before they go off to college. 8th grade graduation is a huge deal to us, possibly a bigger deal than to those in public school because of the long relationship with the class but maybe not. I dunno, finally getting out of a school you've been in for 10 years is something to celebrate!

catiepillars said...

wow what are you plans for her graduation? eli is gradating this year i think we are going no vacation in ca for it. (this will also be to encourage him to move with us lol ) you and your family deserve all the good things that come your way carol. you really do!

Happy Zombie said...

Ski passes, jewelry... all very nice. But will she share her dates I want to know!

They make a stunning couple! Your friend has a great smile too!

Alison said...

They really do look great together. She's gorgeous!

Stitch said...

such a lovely story and clearly a lovely person xxx