Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Deck life

outdoor life
This is where we’ll be until September comes. Lots of kids, lots of food, lots of wet towels, and lots of fun for the most part.
outdoor life
outdoor life
It’s even nice to sit under the canopy during a good rain storm and just take a break from the sun and the hubby and I like to sneak out at night with a bottle of wine and enjoy sweet peace and quiet until the little people realize we’ve slipped away and come and . This is the first summer that I will be back at work since having Julia and I’m a bit sad, she’s thrilled to finally be old enough to attend camp.
outdoor life
I will only work 4 days, 9-2:30 so it’s really not that awful. Sammy will have some babysitting jobs and Gabby, well………we need to find something for that one to do besides brood all day.
lunch bag
Enough of that, I managed to get one thing sewn together that was cut and waiting at the machine for over a month now:
Hey, it’s not much but it’s progress at least.

I almost forgot!!!!
Go check out The Flickr Embroidery Blog http://flickrembroidery.blogspot.com/ Feeling Stitchy where you will read a riveting interview with yours truly. OK, riveting may be pushing it a bit, but it was fun :)


iSew said...

I love this bag. I'm so tempted to make something from oilcloth, but there are always too many things to do. I never make anything for myself either, and I'd definitely want to keep it.

qusic said...

your bag is lovely as is your garden and the pool, many happy summer nights with chilled wine and: without kids, I love mine but I begin to cherish the time when DH and me are left alone:-)

Sarah said...

Can we come over and play in your pool this summer? Our subdivision keeps promising they are putting in a pool but we have lived here for over 2 years and still no pool. What is the body of water in the back of one of the pictures?

Glad you got to sew! Those lunch bags are so cute!


Amy said...

I want to come over too! Love the lunch bag :)

vintagechica said...

You pool looks awesome! I'll be right over with the margaritas and guacamole. And congrats on your interview...Im heading over to read it right now.

Hettie Calhoun said...

What a nice view! Swimming pool has this kind of relaxing feel that makes every family wants to own one, so they can take a dip anytime they want. Also, it is truly beneficial because it's not only for fun activities, but great for staying fit and healthy, too, if utilized well.

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