Sunday, June 03, 2007

trouble on deck

See that missing board?
deck trouble
My chubby little leg was stuck in it yesterday. When we got the new pool put in they had to cut away some of the deck. The Bumble secured it temporarily until the guy comes to fix the support beam. Guess who forgot that she shouldn't stand on the end of that board with allllllll of her weight on one foot? Um, yeah that would be me. I am bruised and a little scraped and getting too old for these injuries but thank God I didn't break anything but the deck! I am relieved that no one was there to witness it because I may have died from embarrassment!

So, in a few more weeks my life will let up a bit. Until then it's still all about those kids, especially the big one. I shed the start of my "first born is growing up" tears when the graduate silhouettes went up in the school window last week.
graduate silhouettes
On Friday they had the "Pinning Ceremony". Each eighth grade student picks a seventh grade student and gives them a school pin for their uniform making them the new eighth grade students (aka rulers of all the universe). The seventh grade students give them an autograph book and they all proceed to the cafe-gym-atorium for a party
after the pinning ceremony
and the reading of the class will. Fun times. This week I have a 6th grade trip to NYC, Class Night and Graduation. Note to self: buy waterproof mascara, you big sap!

Hey everyone- head over to Hancock's of Paducah and see if they have any more of these charm packs on sale: They were even cheaper than marked on the packs.,-Tins,-etc.)--m-02_15.html

on sale


sappmama said...


I've been hanging around here meaning to say hi for a while (Maybe I already have? I dunno). Anyhow, just want to thank you for the tip on the charm packs. I just ordered some on the outside chance that I'll learn how to make a quilt soon. Ha ha.

Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

I am right there with you on being a sap about the kids growing up. My baby boy just finished kindergarten (which is all at one school for the whole city) and will be going to the same school as my daughter next year. That last day of school I got all misty eyed as we were walking out. He shouldn't be allowed to grow up so fast!

Very cute charm packs!

Stitch said...

gorgeous! Fabric is so much cheaper over there! xxxx