Friday, June 22, 2007

Check this out

Thanks for the warm welcome back. I really missed my blog community!
So, I was drying dishes after my birthday dinner with my parents on Sunday and mom hands me this really nice dishtowel
nice towels
I am shocked because usually mom has those really crappy synthetic-y towels that don't absorb anything. Then I look at the tag and it's a Martha towel
they are really by Martha, I knew I loved them for some reason!
I am even more shocked because the nearest K-Mart is 30 minutes away on the highway and my mama don't drive on the highway!
me: Mom, where'd you get this great towel?
mom: You'd never believe me
me: You did not go all the way to K-Mart and buy Martha Stewart dishtowels!
mom: *looks at me like I'm crazy* No! Are they Martha Stewart? We got them for a dollar at the automotive store.
they're from an automotive store!
Needless to say, they went back the next day and bought all they had left in the store for me!
What? There are worse things to have addictions to! Maybe if you guys are lucky, I'll embroider something on them.


debbie said...

Oh, I have to find a Richlin around here. What a great find!

floresita said...

embroidered tea towels, right away, please!!! :D

loves2experiment said...

Me too! I'd love to see some embroidery work :) BTW, belated b'day wishes to ya!

beki said...

Lucky score! I think I'd have bought them all too :)