Saturday, June 23, 2007

Martha on the brain

Ever since I painted my kitchen the most lovely shade of green
my morning child
I haven't been able to find dishes that I love for a price that I can afford... until yesterday, that is. We were on our way to NYC to see a Mets game with some friends and I had the Bumble pull off the highway so we could shop at a K-Mart.
Martha gets me
(The lighting doesn't show how well they match in the 2 photos but trust me, they do.)
The woman just gets me. I mean, she lives right inside my head pulls together the jumbled mess of thoughts and ideas, and produces, markets and then sells them to me. It's somehow unfair. Anyway, I found more towels than I could afford to buy and had to settle on 2 packages
mine, mine, mine
Those bandana towels will make cute tote bags for Julia when she starts camp next week.
Today is dress rehearsal for dance followed by another graduation party followed by fireworks followed by the recital tomorrow......
it's almost over

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debbie said...

Wow!!! Is that a kitchen table? Lovely