Thursday, June 28, 2007

yippee, yahoo, woohoo, I made something finally!

camp bag 006
....and I finally found a use for this lovely piece of fabric from the remnant bin too...... and it just so happens to match Julia's brand new bikini! The stars, moon and sun have all lined up just for me today, I am sure of it! This is a little back pack for Miss Julia to use for camp on Monday, it even has a matching zipper pouch for ice cream/field trip money.
Two more views:
camp bag 004
camp bag 003
Now I am off to strip beds and do laundry with a lot less resentment than I normally would have. Who knows, I may be back with something else later on!
la la la la la la*** twirl twirl twirl***** la la la la la *** twirl twirl... dizzy now


debbie said...

Congratulations!!!! Start using up that fabric, I have some little prizes coming that will distract you from your current stash!!!

loves2experiment said...

:) Woot! That fabric is a PERFECT match for Julia's new bathing suit! You have a great eye for colour and fabric.