Friday, June 29, 2007

on a little crafty roll

This was fun!
Remember the Martha Towels I bought last Friday? Well, now the lemon one is a cute little tote bag
lemon tote 001
lemon tote 001
lined with a yellow plaid tablecloth type fabric
lemon tote 003
It's a perfect little bag to get dirty and toss right in the wash with the towels!


Ana said...

Wow, they are really lovely! I love the words and the lemon! Congrats!

Angie said...

That is just such an excellent idea! Love your lemon tote!! That plaid fabric really sets it off. :D

Anonymous said...

Carol, this bag is just beautiful.
Exactly what I have been look to do. Quick and easy project to just toss all my jobs to do down town. Love the tea towels. Looks great.....

Mama said...

Looks just like mine! Nice!

Little Stitcher said...

absolutely lovely