Saturday, June 30, 2007

My sewing machine is begging for mercy

The poor thing has been idle for so long and now it's been cranking for 3 days!
Let's see, I'm working on some patriotic garland for the deck
rw&b garland wip
I also finished a lunch tote that I had cut out back in April
new lunch tote
new lunch tote
You should all run over and buy up some oilcloth for $5.00/yd!!! It's being discontinued and now's the time to buy it if you ever wanted to give it a try. Some of the ladies at work have been eyeing my lunch bag so I think I will make a bunch and let them pick what they want.
I must go get ready for a baseball game/graduation party that I will tell you all about tomorrow.... really it will be somewhat interesting!


sappmama said...

No, Carol, okay? I will not "run on over" to Sew, Mama, Sew. I've already ordered from those Paducah people 3 times because of you, you temptress. :)

Have fun at the game!

Carol said...

erm, sorry sappmama *hangs head sheepishly*
I haven't even clicked on my Hancock's link, those people are trouble!
The oilcloth is ONLY $5.00 a yard though.......

calamitykim said...

I just scored some Heather bailey over there on sale! Yeehaw! I love your bags! have a happy 4th!

calamitykim said...

it let me post! yahoo!

calamitykim said...

I have been trying and trying to post a comment here and i finally gave up and now its working again!
Bee Zarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I miss you sweet stuff! Your sister is a very sweet girl and we had fun- When you ever get to come down we will get together and tear up some more cupcakes and crafts!!

Ana said...

That lunchbag is awesome!!! No, I won't run to Sew, Mama, Sew cause I live in Mexico and oilcloth is sooo cheap here! (LOL) Anyway, what would be wonderful is to have a pattern for the bag, any ideas? Thanks!