Sunday, July 01, 2007

whadda guy!

I can't say enough about Mr. G, our 8th grade teacher (I know... he looks like a boy!)
He was new to our school this past September, warmly welcomed as the only male teacher. Mr. G. came to us with a master's degree in history, a brief stint as a chef and played minor league baseball until he blew his knee out. The kids really liked him but accused him of showing no emotion at the end of the year when they were all sad about leaving the school. Well, This man proved the kids wrong and gave the speech of his life at Class Night. There wasn't a dry eye in the room including his own. Anyway, his graduation gift to the class and their families was a day at our local minor league baseball arena (where he used to play). We had the entire picnic area, food all day, a great game, hoola hoop contest, run the bases, fire works.... it was a great day.
Whadda guy!
why do they clump together? Big Blue warming up hoola hoop contest bptbf 012 running the bases

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