Thursday, July 05, 2007

It was almost like being there!

My sister Debbie met up with for a day of shopping and crafty blogger bonding a few weeks ago. (something is wrong with my computer and I can't embed links anymore!) I must admit, I was a little envious. I'm not at the point in my life where I can really do anything on a whim or that is just for me...... but us moms must pay our dues until one day we become re-liberated and can go back out into the world and do just that. Lucky for me that I have a sweet & generous sister and blog pal that thought of moi and got me all of these goodies!
what happens when my sister and Calamity Kim meet up
Some cards and a cute apron with my favorite trim!
rick rack apron!
Beautiful vintage embroidered items
vintage embroidered hankies
Fat quarters
fat quarters, the perfect gift for fabric junkies!
and chenille from Kim's stash!
a present from Ms. Calamity!
Thank you both! It was almost like being there minus the cupcakes, shopping and fun..... ok, it was nothing like being there but I love my gifts. You were sweet to think of me!
We had a great 4th of July here yesterday despite the crappy weather and just look at this baby
4th of July 07 012
She is the cutest thing!


Old School Acres said...

Hey, no fair!! I want to go shopping, too *pout* At least they brought you goodies!!

calamity kim said...

I would almost trade a day shopping to get to hold a baby for a few hours! You were there in spirit, sistah! Remember my son is 26. I have been where you are with 12 years of Little League and carpooling and school play costumes and home room Mothering. I have done my time with "Oh, Mom, we're having a party in class tomorrow and I said you'd make us some cookies" at 7pm the night before...Been there and done all of that!! And you are right- someday you will be where I am- no kids in sight, quiet house, only the sound of the sewing machine and dog sighing to keep you company. So who envies whom?