Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the happy, grateful, thankful trend.... I'm in

My 10 things in no particular order

1. My family. I know this sounds cliché but I really am thankful for them. There is a large part of my family that I would pick to be in my family over and over again because I really enjoy them.
2. Tivo
3. The way my brain and hands work together, giving me many talents.
4. Being able to see the ocean every day. I would hate it if I couldn’t.
5. Having a really tall husband (my bumble) that can reach almost anything.
6. Not knowing what it’s like to feel bored.
7. Topamax. After 20 years of migraines, I am almost headache-free!
8. I’m pretty sure that my kids will grow up to be good people. *fingers crossed*
9. That it isn’t 90 degrees and humid every day in Connecticut. Blech!
10. That Vicki at goes through the trouble of collecting wonderful vintage embroidery patterns and reproduces them so that we can buy them like new.

dishtowel tote bag


wadiefong said...

This is so unique and beautiful! I wish you would make more retro dish cloth totes for your Etsy store! <3

Carol said...

Thank you so much! I am definitely going to work on this request.

calamitykim said...

Carol- is there some way I can purchase that tote bag? I am going to start using them for the store and I love, LOVE that one!!!! Please oh, please????!!!! I adore Vicki too and love her patterns! But you have made a perfectly delightful bag!