Saturday, July 14, 2007

It was a good day!

My sister Debbie has been here for over a week and although we had dinner together twice I felt like we didn't spend any time together.... until yesterday!
We hit the road with her youngest daughter and my middle daughter and set out for a few hours of fun. First stop was IKEA. Man, I love that place. It is literally minutes from my house and I almost never go there. We saw a lot of good ideas for Deb's new sewing room. (I am only slightly envious) Next was lunch and on to The Guilford Craft Fair. The fair was a bit intimidating for us humble crafters. It was more like a bunch of serious "artists" showing off their work and slapping big price tags on it. Don't get me wrong, they deserve whatever price they can get but we were out of our league. It was fun, nonetheless, and I enjoyed the day with us girls.
IKEA basket That's how much???? lavender pillows at Guilford Craft Fair
gorgeous quilts at Guilford Craft Fair miniature artist at Guilford Craft Fair miniature artist at Guilford Craft Fair
I even had the time to sew last night.
Mod lunch bag
It seems there may be some people interested in my lunch bags, so I am hoping to dig into my oilcloth stash today and tomorrow. Woohoo!

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debbie said...

It was a great day, too bad the mother wasn't up for it. But we had some good sista time and a few laughs. Next time, it's in FL, right Carol?