Sunday, July 15, 2007

I feel productive!

I've made a few things this weekend and it feels great!
I've also updated my Etsy shop and I almost have my nerve up to let my real life people in on it. Everytime I make something new for myself or the kids or give a handmade gift, everyone always say "Oh my Gawd, you should have a shop or something!". You guys know, I'm sure you get it all the time. But for me, with that comes some anxiety. What if it's not good enough, what if people hate it, what if it falls apart, what if people pity-purchase from me, what if, what if..... I have zero self confidence. Anyway, there have been a bunch of requests for lunch bags and dish towel totes from people at work and people that they know, so I am trying to load up the shop a bit before I let real life people in. I wish I had more hours in the day.
veggie market tote
pink pineapple lunch bag 2
mod lunch bag II
Last night my baby went to her first real sleep over and she lost a tooth! The Tooth Fairy is very creative at our friend's house. She always leaves the window cracked just a bit no matter what the season and leaves a trail of fairy dust (ultra fine glitter) from the window to the pillow where she leaves the money for the kid who lost the tooth and guumy fish for her twin sister (in this case, all the other girls). I knew that they had this tooth fairy ritual for years now, but what are the chances that my kid would lose a tooth last night??? I have some 'splainin to do, because our tooth fairy doesn't pack any ultra fine dust or gummy fish!


debbie said...

Congratulations! You sold two items, great pictures. I knew you could do it, now go make some more!

IamSusie said...

My baby just did her first sleepover last weekend too. My daughter recently figured out who does all this Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa stuff. Alas...

I'm afraid to sell because I fear that I'd feel like a factory and start to hate doing the very things that have been so rewarding for me in the past.

iSew said...

I love that tote! It's so cute. The embroidery, the stripes! Don't worry so much, your stuff is great. Believe me, there are some rubbish things in the craft world, and yours aren't part of that group.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh! I love that embroidered tote!! It's so cute! I'm with iSew--there are some not-so-nice crafted and sewn items around--but your are NOT in that group.

What fun about the tooth fairy and the fairy dust and all that! Looks like she set the bar pretty high for you, lol!!
Smiles, Karen