Thursday, August 09, 2007

After a random drawing......

......performed at my computer this morning, the winners of the somewhat spotted, lovely embroidered market bags are:
Artsy Momma from wins the meat bag
Sarah from wins the fish bag
I will be in contact with you ladies and I'll mail them right out to you. Actually.... Sarah, I can't find an email for you, you'll have to email me. Hopefully you can work on those spots or perhaps they won't even bother you. I hope you enjoy them!

Did anyone find a zucchini on their front porch today? Well if you did, I might know why:

did you find a zucchini on your porch this morning?
for a closer look-
It's been a while since I posted my fun calendar, mostly because it was buried under a pile of "stuff" near the computer and I just unburied it. Today is National Polka Day but I'm not really feeling it. I am, however, looking forward to Moot Point Day next weekend.
Have a great day!


floresita said...

No way!!! Once I lived alone and a guy really creeped me out by leaving a zucchini on my back porch (he lived in a house nearby). The he offered to cook it for me. In a pot. In his backyard. Never mind, he's still creepy!! :)

debbie said...

Roll out the barrell da da da da, I'm doing it, good thing no one lives downstairs! Frank and Rose must love polka day at your house

Kimberly said...

I am really just testing this to see if it will let me comment. I think today is just a new moon on my calender. I am feeling a little better, well, sort of. I actually feel kinda crappy, I just want to feel better. ugh