Thursday, August 16, 2007

C is for Carol

C is for Carol.....
That's the younger, thinner version of me but it's my blog and I get to pick what pictures go here!
C is for camera- I like to be behind them, not in front.
C is for crafty- I am!
C is for cooking- I love to cook, especially for people that love to eat.
C is for claustrophobia- yep, I get that
C is for camping- ha ha ha ha ha, not me, no way!
C is for caring- I am very caring
C is for circus- I really don't like circuses


Anonymous said...

LOL !!! Yes I agree, you put whatever photo you like on your blog and why wouldn't we all pick a better younger one.
Go Girl !!!

loves2experiment said...

Aw, you're pretty Carol :) Now I can put a face to the person I've been chatting with :D