Saturday, August 18, 2007

D is for

Done with this cute bag!
bluebird dishtowel tote
coach dad
aka "my Bumble". I love this guy! He's my favorite D word.
carol & debbie 1965
My big sister Debbie, my other favorite D word!
D is for Dog
This is my coworker, Winston. Actually, he belongs to my coworker but he is so much a part of the office, I just love him. He's pretty old but he loves coming to work everyday and never complains about anything. He is a good sport too, notice the garter he is wearing from the wedding party we had the other day. He's a good boy!
I've never been any good at keeping a diary. This blog is about the closest thing I've ever had to one.
My alcoholic drink of choice is wine, my non-alcoholic favorite is seltzer.
I have way too many "Duh!" moments everyday that have nothing to do with the afore mentioned wine ;)

short and sweet today, have a great weekend!

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