Friday, September 07, 2007


O is for number One

number one?

Isn't this strange? I ripped a big chunk of skin from my hand and this is how it's healing.... what a boost for the old ego!

O is for Otto


Which was my maiden name. It was a fun name; the same backwards.......and upsidedown if you crossed your t's in the middlish, insideout it spelled toot and rearranged it spelled another famous dog name


debbie said...

What about otot?

Junie Moon said...

Amazing how it's healing like that but if you're going to experience injuries, the scars may as well be creative--you now have definitive proof for the world that you are #1. I hope it doesn't hurt too awfully bad.

iSew said...

Otto is the coolest name ever. I can't spell anything with my last name, it's next to impossible to even spell correctly. Can't wait to get married. sigh

Cool scar!