Sunday, September 09, 2007

P, Q

P is for grilled Pizza
P is for
This is so delicious and easy to make that it's crazy. Either make your own pizza dough or buy it already made and cut it into 1/4 lb. pieces and let it rest on an oiled cookie sheet, prep all of your toppings ahead of time; I did sauted spinach with garlic, sauted baby bella mushrooms with garlic, roasted peppers, sausage, calamata olives, pepperoni, ricotta cheese (pronounced ri-gawt here on the east coast), grape tomatoes with olive oil garlic and basil, shredded mozz and grated pecorino...set aside. Heat your grill to screaming hot, stretch your dough to as round and thin as you can (salad plate size) and place it on the grill. LEAVE IT ALONE until the bottom is good and browned or it will be a sticky mess, turn it, top it and let the cheese melt. I move them to the upper rack as I make more to keep them warm. Once I get an assortment made I slice them in fours put them on a platter and let everyone dig in. These are so good, you will be loved by your guests forever.
last night's project
The only place to go for vintage iron-on embroidery patterns.
Q is for Quiet. It's actually quiet in my house for 5 minutes. Enjoy your day!

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Junie Moon said...

I have a lot of Patternbee embroidery designs--I'm addicted as they're ever so cute.

Yummy looking pizza there!