Sunday, September 30, 2007

u,v,w,x,y and z

uvwxyz 001
Uterine biopsy
Vaginal ultrasound
Worried? Nah!
Probably nothing eXtraordinary… really
You’ll hear the resultZ as soon as I get them
OK, this post is no fun but now my lame encyclopedia is done!
I have had a lot of heavy and abnormal bleeding lately and my favorite doctor is just checking things out. I am not a candidate for hysterectomy for a lot of reasons but a big one, he says, is that patients typically gain up to 25lbs and he’s afraid I will stab him if I gained any more weight…… I think he really believes this :o
uvwxyz 002
I had an ablasion done 2 years ago, this is where they burn the lining of the uterus, but my uterus is off the charts and there is uterine territory that did not get charred because the machine could not reach it…… great, even my uterus is fat. So if there is no cancer (knock wood) he can freeze the lining, including the afore mentioned unchartered territory and I will be able to keep my parts (charred and frozen) and glorious hormones. Is anyone still with me?
Let’s talk about the pretty pictures.
I whipped up the cute apron this morning for our friend Rika. She’s having us over for dinner today and I have nothing to bring, I think this “mamadell” (this is what she calls aprons) will do just fine. Someday day I will do a post just on Rika……… you will be entertained for sure.
I didn’t make the cookie tower but isn’t it a cute party favor? Just sugar cookies and icing!


debbie said...

Hey why wasn't I invited? I can make stuff too! Tell our Lovely Lesbian sister I said hi. Oh and our Mother too!

Junie Moon said...

What a cute apron and the cookie tower package is adorable!

I'm sorry to hear about your gynecological challenges and will think happy, positive thoughts that all will be well. I did not know that one's uterus could be fat. If so, I'm right there with you. Now I'm wondering if there's a diet plan for such things.

Wylie said...

I'm praying for you, and hoping that the test results will come back swiftly and with good news!

calamitykim said...

Hey- Guess what- My HUSBAND FINALLY HELPED ME FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HELL WAS WRONG with me being unable to comment on Google/Blogger! hahahahahahhaahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
I AM BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!
oh, yeah!
First of all- I had my first vaginal ultrasound last year and that was just so special- I had no idea. unbelievable. The girl who was about 14 and very sweet) told me that "she was sorry to have to go so deep but she couldn't find my left ovary. Apparently it has dried up like the crypt keeper and looks like a raisin. umph! My uterus hardly ever gets any exercise so I am sure its fat too! It is an emotional eater, just like me and craves chocolate and donuts. They just put in a dunkin donuts and I ride my bike past and swear an oath to Richard Simmons that when I lose 10 pounds- I"M GOING IN!!!!!!!!!!! I will pray for you, sister. I just found out that My older sister has cirrhosis of the liver from her bile ducts and gallbladder surgery problems. She is only 55. I have been crying for several weeks now. I am hoping that they can remove the bad ducts and it will regenerate itself. I am praying for her too. It sucks when you get sick or unwell. I think I am getting an ulcer. Lots of stomach pain. oh, aren't ya glad I can comment again? hahahhahaahha
I love you and have missed you. I almost quit reading blogs altogether this summer. unbelievable.

loves2experiment said...

Love the rick rack adorned apron, and the cookie tower is charming! Miss ya, and take care!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you.
I love that cookie tower and your apron, just the right ingredients to help take your mind off things.

Kerry and Rachel said...

What a way to end your encyclopedia! I hope all is well in the end.
good thoughts sent your way.

KristenMary said...

OMG! Good luck with your test results, how stressful. I enjoyed your alphabet posts and your creative way of talking about what is going on in your life. Thank you!