Sunday, October 28, 2007

Chalkcloth is Cool!

hanging chalkcloth memo quilt- Housewife
I bought a half yard of chalkcloth a while back and finally got around to trying it out. 10 minutes before leaving for church this morning I figured out what I wanted to make with it.
hanging chalkcloth memo quilt- Housewife
Don't worry, I paid attention and I hardly fidgeted at all during mass :) I seem to get most of my big ideas at the worst times.
chalkcloth roll prototype 002
Yesterday I made Julia a chalkcloth mat.
chalkcloth roll prototype 003
It's ok, I mean- it's a big rectangle, not very interesting!
Have a great week everyone.


debbie said...

What a great idea, you need to make a deer john one for Jacob. That would keep him busy waiting for his nuggets & fries.

Junie Moon said...

This is a neat project--I've not heard of chalkcloth before. Every time I think I've got my project to-do list in some semblance of controlled disorder, I find great projects like yours that fire me up again.

Kali said...

What an interesting product 'chalkcloth', hate to sound stupid but is it like oil cloth?
great the colours :)

Carol said...

Yes Kali, chalkcloth is like oilcloth.