Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wonky happens sometimes

You'd think after making what seems like 4,050 oilcloth lunch bags, I'd have it down by now. Not so.
wonky reject
I know it's hard to tell in the picture but this thing is absolutely insane. No matter how you turn or twist it, it just won't square up. It's wonky! It's ok, I really fell in love with the color combination while making it so now it's mine!
Speaking of Wonky:
wonky watermelon
Julia planted watermelon in the backyard at the beginning of summer and never even got a flower. Yesterday she found this guy. It's the size of a softball and was yellow and bitter inside. She was happy anyway.

Let's take this wonky thing one step further because I have never been one to know just when to stop. I may have mentioned previously that I take Topamax for migraines and it really works for me. I am down to one migraine per month...I get one the day before Aunt Flow comes to visit *wink wink*. Wellllllllll, it seems my little biopsy last month screwed up Aunt Flow's travel schedule and she's running 8 days late (don't even go there, there is no way I am pregnant) which means I have had an 8 day migraine! Wonky and awful.

Embrace your wonkiness today and and if you see Aunt Flow tell her to get her ass over here!


Junie Moon said...

The lunchbag is cute--I see why you love it because the colors and print combinations are really great.

What a shame about the watermelon effort but I can understand the thrill of seeing something actually growing, even if it's wonky, too.

How terrible to have migraines--that's a horror indeed. I hope you have a cessation of this very soon.

Maybe the world has tilted a tad on its axis to imbue this sense of wonkiness as I'm finding some things wonky, too.

debbie said...

Ok, send me the wonky lunch bag, I need one bad. Tell Dr. Carresse that I said to take out that friggin uteris!!!! You don't need flo no mo!!!