Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween Recap

Hello friends! It's been a crazy but fun week around here. I hope you all had a fun Halloween.
halloween07 017
I've mentioned before that our community does an awesome parade at our seawall. The children line up by grade, march down the street and stop at the grandstand where their costumes are judged. The winners are almost always wearing a one of a kind or homemade costume and people get really creative. *cough cough my kids are 5 time winners cough cough*
halloween07 023
Miss Julia took 3rd place as Orphan Annie in the 3rd grade category
halloween07 005
My nephew Jacob was very cute as a police officer. My older girls were pretty lame; one was a football fan and the other was a mess.
Check out one of the nuns at Sammy's school. She dressed up as a biker. She is so much fun, really she is...the girls love her.
Sister Mariette is cool
I wanted to show you what I made for Julia's class but Sammy stole my camera before I could snap a picture. I made these goodie bags ala Martha Stewart. They were super easy and very cute!

And lastly, look at my friends house all decorated for Halloween. I love the cat eyes in the window!
halloween07 028halloween07 027

Time to hit the sewing machine, have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time was had by all, love the pics of the house.....

Junie Moon said...

Your description of the costumes made me laugh--you're a riot!

I am glad you and the kids had a good time. I love the whole idea of a seawall parade--maybe that's 'cause I live in the desert but my heart is that of a mermaid. I want water! That's okay, on the 16th I'll be on the beach in Florida for the holiday.

Anonymous said...

Hiya my daughter needs an Annie costume for her dancing how did you do the Annie costume?