Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Holiday

When we say "The Holiday" in my family we are referring to a room, this room...
"the holiday" "the holiday"
and not an actual holiday at all. This room is the basement floor of my parent's house and the pictures were taken by Sammy at their request(these were the least blurry and I wish she shut the furnace room door). It is a very cool space and you almost feel as if you are in a ship. It has a small kitchen, a sitting room and a dining room. We have all of our holidays here and that's how it got it's name from my oldest daughter (Sammy) when she was around 3. This can be very confusing to newcomers and teachers. When Sammy was in first grade they had to write about ways they help people. She wrote in her very best printing "I help my Grandma dust the holiday". Mrs. Conte corrected her paper in red pen and said something to the effect "You help your grandma dust for the holidays". Well, Sammy was furious when she got that paper back and I had to write a note explaining "The Holiday" to Mrs. Conte. She called me laughing and apologized to Sammy. So there is the story of "The Holiday".
How was your holiday?
I love, love, love, love, love, love, love Thanksgiving! This one was very nice except for missing my sister and brother-in-law. Look at how sweet my little helper looked
my helper my helper
We even went out shopping with all of the crazies yesterday morning. More about that tomorrow.
Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

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