Sunday, November 18, 2007

Where do I start?

Last Sunday night my sewing machine broke.
I KNOW!!! The feed dog plate had been dropping a lot and I was able to deal with that but then I went to reverse stitches and the lever snapped off. I FREAKED! The bumble, who is very handy, looked at it and determined that I should just get a new machine. Again, I FREAKED! "OMGOMGOMGwedon'thavethemoneywhatarewegoingtodoOMGOMGOMG"
New machine!
I calmed down enough the next night and I got a new machine! I would have never splurged on one like this if he weren't with me. I have the best husband ever. I haven't even begun to figure out all the things this baby can do (the machine...not the husband)but I got some straight stitching done.
mil apron mom's apron
Apron gifts for my mom and mother-in-law. My mom gets the tan one for Thanksgiving because she gets very messy when she cooks. I will make her a pretty one for Christmas.
It even sews nicely on oilcloth (this is crucial!)
Big rainy day market tote 011 rainy day market bag 3
I'm sure you've all gotten this one..."You sew????" "Can you sew_________for me?" Enter 4 cheerleading skirts, 2 loose emblems and 2 too-big tops.
You sew? Can you sew this for me?
How do you say no?
Moving on.
I've told you how amazingly talented Gabby (12) is but just look at the stuff she does while watching TV and reading magazines.
fun with junkmailfun with junkmail 2fun with junkmail close up
I used to make these origami boxes about 5 years ago to hold 3 marble magnets. Gabby was 7 at the time and would sit and watch me fold the paper for hours and then she became the master. We haven't made these in forever and I'm not sure if I could pick it right up again. 2 nights ago she was sitting on the couch curled up under a quilt, she emerged hours later with these teeeeny little boxes made from thick cardstock fall-out cards. I have no idea how she got them so small. That little one can hold a piece of rice or two. Makes my fingers hurt just thinking about it!


diana said...

that machine rocks!!! great aprons too!!
the origami boxes are the best!! i have a 10 year old who is begoming a master paper folder too!! he shows me all his creations and beams with pride!! i am going to have him make me some of these to play with!!!!

loves2experiment said...

Woot!!! Congrats on your new toy, Carol! You deserve it :D

beki said...

Wowee - I'm jealous ;-) Enjoy your new baby!

Old School Acres said...

You know I love you, but right now I HATE you!! I covet that sewing machine. Oh, I'm sooooo jealous!!!!

Lotta said...

Sweet! I wish my machine would break! I think I need to bring it in for a tune up - it's just sewing wonky.

Little Stitcher said...

wow amazing. One talented young lady!

fiona said...

maybe i should accidently on purpose brake my machine!have fun exploring your new purchase. nice you meet you....