Monday, December 10, 2007

Ranting ahead...enter at your own risk

I am whiney, crabby, tired, over-worked, under-appreciated,in desperate need of a dye job and an eyebrow waxing.
My calendar sets me spiraling into a panic attack everytime I look at it.
why I'm insane
I can only look at one day at a time or I may hyperventilate. This is my kid/school activity one, I have my planner in my purse that's even's the mother of all calendars.
Here's where it's gonna get ugly, you may want to leave now, it's ok.
So, the reason I feel like a piece of crap is because:
1-I buy Christmas cards almost every year and never write them, address them or send them. And now because I fail at Christmas cards, I have been removed from almost everyone's Christmas card list. Serves me right. I used to love getting cards.
2-I lost my advent calendar thingy.
Julia is by far the sweetest and most sensitive of my daughters and she LOVES preparing for holidays. She started begging me to get started on it after Thanksgiving and I kept growling at her (from my calendar, no doubt) that I didn't have time yet. She very sweetly said that she understood "but could we at least do the advent calendar thingy on December 1st?" and she would be happy with that.
I lost the advent calendar thingy. I cry every time I think of this. I'm crying as I type this.
3-I missed my cat's yearly vet appointment in September and I haven't rescheduled.
4-Worse than that, is that I put off Sammy's doctor appointment after her scoliosis screening at school... and come to find out she has scoliosis, yep, a 17 degree curve going up her back. We have an appointment with an orthopaedic on Thursday. (It's on the calendar!)I suck.
5-My workload at my job is getting crazy, I'm becoming frazzled there too. It's review time, I'm not sure how that's going to go. I'm sure they would like it if I could work full time hours but HAVE YOU SEEN MY CALENDAR???????

OK, that has just scrached the surface. You guys aren't ready for any of the other layers, I'm not ready for any of the other layers!

Let's change the subject because I don't want anyone leaving here mopey. Has anyone ever done business with this company?
I am getting a very bad feeling about an order I placed with them. They will not return my emails or or phone calls.


Junie Moon said...

Oh dear, the calendar thing is indeed a challenge that stymies even me. I shall think happy thoughts for a postive outcome for everyone, including your daughter's scoliosis.

I never heard of that company but think I'd call them every hour until they got sick of me and finally dealt with the issue. Of course, this would mean finding time on that monster calendar of yours.

beki said...

Oh my, it looks like you need a glass of wine and a long bubble bath!

I have dealt with that company and never will again. Their customer service sucks! I did eventually get everything I ordered, but it took a really long time.

loves2experiment said...

Hang in there Carol *hugs*

Art of Paul Brogden said...
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Annie Oakleaves said...

i accidently posted a comment to you in the other halfs name. lol that would have been creepy because it said "i love you,i will buy the tickets just let me know when" and i do and i will :)

debbie said...

Ok, get a grip about the scoliosis, those school screenings are so bogus! Every one of my kids had scoliosis according to them and most of my kids were deaf and blind too! I had Dr.Lou check them all out, cracked them up a little, and they are all doing well with their twisted little spines and minds. Take a deep breath and if you can take it one hour at a time. Get someone downstairs to help you with the taxi service, whatthehell!

Carol said...

Thanks guys, just getting it out feels better.
Deb, It wasn't just the school screening, it then was the pediatrician and then an xray and now the orthopaedic dr. The "parents" don't do taxi service...gas is too expensive, remember?
I'm coping, I just have to vent now and then.

debbie said...

Don't panic!
And don't let them talk you into any back surgery!
Do you want me to call the parents or send them gas $$$??
I'll do it,you know I will....

Stephanie said...

Will you send me your address so I can send you a Christmas card?

:) I read this post a few days ago and kept forgetting to comment. I know how hard it all is sometimes. I hope things are easing up a bit for you. If not, well, it's almost over. ;)

KristenMary said...

This is exactly where I was last week, and I would read all of these crafty blogs about people getting so much done, and my head was going to explode. I am comforted by your blog entry but by no means wish you any more distress! I hope your calendar relents soon and you get that happy holiday feeling back. You're doing great!!

Anonymous said...
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