Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why Martha?

Why would you trick me in to making these cookies?
Why Martha, why?
I mean they are OK but I would never bother making them again. The dough tasted really yummy but the cookie...not so much. They just sounded so much better than they taste. Now I need to find another kind of cookie to make 12 dozen of by tomorrow night. Oh well.
Happier news:
We had a snow day today!!! Yippee!!! Aside from the wasted cookie time, I had a fantastic day. Just knowing that there was NO WHERE that I had to be all day and night was heaven. I cleaned the disaster that was my kitchen counter, I organized the disaster that was my sewing room spilling into our bedroom, I finished up a few gifts including this one for my sushi loving niece.
knocking the handmade gifts off the list!
I think I will tuck a free babysitting coupon in the oven mitt so they can go out for some sushi.
I hope you are all well and thanks for listening to me whine the other day :)


IamSusie said...

I've been fooled by Martha's recipes before too. They look better than they actually taste. Once I made some of her chocolate chip gingerbread cookies and they were really not good.

debbie said...

Ohh Katie will just love the gift, just kidding, they are really cool. You will have to make Katie something related to Beef Jerky or Proscutto! Snow days!, I guess there is a Good Thing about snow. We don't get many here. I hear the weather is really bad, you don't want to know what it is here, you really don't. YOu will just swear at me.

Junie Moon said...

What a great gift--and the babysitting coupon is a lovely touch and will be greatly appreciated, I'm sure.

What a shame about the recipe. I've not always liked Martha's recipes either but you never know until you actually try one. I hope you were able to come up with a quick solution to your cookie needs.

Vanessa said...

Love the sushi gift you made. Especially how you coordinated the colors in the embroidery. Very nice.!

diana said...

like many i have found martha's recipes to not live up to her rep. i just stick to some of her crafty things and trust Betty Crocker and old family recipes for my goody making!!!!
oven mit and towel are fabulous!!!