Saturday, December 15, 2007

A strange calmness...

...has settled over me. It may be residual effects from the snow day, I don't know.

a scene from my village

This little scene from my village makes me happy, I love looking in this little window.
Last night I actually had the mental capacity and 1 hour to figure out the embroidery part of my machine.
finally tried my machine embroidery!
This was my test, it's such a cool thing! I doubt that I will ever do much in the way of picture type embroidery but I love having the ability to personalize things. I already have a few jobs lined up!
Speaking of embroidery-
About a year ago Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitch asked for tea towel testers and I was lucky enough to get in on it. Unfortunately, one of the testers flaked out and kept the nearly finished towel and it never got sent back to Jenny. (Grrrrr)Fortunately, most of the original testers agreed to stitch another towel and send it to Jenny because she was very bummed out about it. As my luck would have it, it's my turn- right before Christmas!!! I got started on it last night, I'm keeping it simple and doing pretty much the same thing as last time.
secret SS Towel
I'll show you when it's done and after I sew some chenille rick rack on it :)


Junie Moon said...

Christmas villages are wonderful and I love the lights shining in yours.

Your embroidery looks great and I'm glad you were able to sort out doing it on your machine. And what a shame about the tea towel business but it's nice y'all are kicking in to rectify the situation. I'm loving your part of the embroidered design.

brasilis said...

Merry Christmas from Brazil! I also love window pics. I have some embroidereds from the 1950s my mom gave me. I will scan them and send you.