Saturday, December 22, 2007

How's everyone holding up?

I'm doing ok here. I have successfully avoided a major nervous breakdown, I think I will make it to Christmas with my normal about of sanity in tact!
This week has been all about 16 hour days of work, shop, cook, drive, sew. Notice I didn't say anything about cleaning or laundry, that's today.
Here's a sampling of the handmade gifts that I have finished this week.
gift for Dianne gift for Dianne
crochet gift for Eileen crochet gift for Eileen
reversible Freshcut apron for mom
We had an awesome holiday work party on Thursday. 27 of us went to Chef Silvia's house where we learned to prepared a 5 course meal together while drinking wine and exchanging gifts. It was so much fun until we got stuck in 2 hours of traffic on the way home. When I got home Gabby was waiting at the door for me with basketball bag in hand...
she's speedy, huh?
Ugh, she had a game. It was a very long day. Great picture of her, huh?
OK, get back to work!


Mrs.Kwitty said...

LOL Carol--love the basketball pic (looks like some of my work!). You sure have made some beautiful gifts--lucky people who get those!

Have a beautiful Christmas!!
Smiles, Karen

Kelly McCants said...

I heart that fifties momma fabric do tell your source!