Sunday, December 23, 2007

Things I forgot to say yesterday...

Look what my Bumble found-
look what I found
The Advent thingy that I had lost and was so upset over a few weeks ago! Julia has been very happy to have it back. Notice all the cards around it...thanks to my kind friends(real life and blog) and family! Each one gave me a HUGE smile on my face when I received them.
Here's last night's accomplishment-
Tote bag set for Ashley Tote bag set for Ashley
Julia refers to this as "the ultimate girl gift set" and she would know. I almost feel guilty about this gift because the fabric came from the remnant bin and cost less than $2.00, but it is totally cute and appropriate for the recipient.


brasilis said...

I enjoy your Santa very much!!! Merry Christmas from Brazil!!!



Junie Moon said...

I'm so glad your advent calendar was found, it looks wonderful! My laptop was finally repaired late last night and now I have to play catchup to tell everyone happy Christmas (although now I'm a day late for that). Ah well, I'm up and running again which is a big relief and a little Christmas gift for me.

calamitykim said...

Merry Happy New Year.
I can't wait for next year.
I have missed you very much but know how busy you are with the family and all. I just wanted to say hi.
I had great fun with your Sister when we went to lunch and shopping- I really hope one day you can come down and visit and then we could all go have some fun! Love, kim