Friday, January 25, 2008

Not the same old cookie

We had a "Cookie Walk" back in December at the kid's school and a few moms dropped off these Peanut butter, Hershey kiss cookie... you know the one, you've all had or made them. I am not a huge fan of this cookie. That is, until I tried Corinne's mom's recipe!
People told me they were great and I would love them. I scoffed, being the cookie snob that I am. I was so wrong.
Look at this beauty:
surprisingly good recipe
They taste better than any version of this cookie that I have ever tasted. I begged Corrine's mom for the recipe and she whipped out a sharpie and jotted it on an envelope for me.
Look at the 3rd ingredient:

Bisquick??? In a cookie??? Are you kidding??? They are moist and chewy on the inside and have a good crunch on the outside. YUM!


Annie Oakleaves said...

wow I will have to try that. Ive been using bisquick for everything lately.Theres a vintage bisquick cookbook out there ive been trying to get that had all kinds of deserts in it. where in the heck do you find time to bake?

Marietta said...

i made a ton of these earlier but now i will have to make more and try this recipe - yummmm