Wednesday, January 23, 2008

sign me up for the airline tickets please

Oldest daughter's private highschool is having a big Fancy Pants Silent Auction (that we won't be able to afford to buy tickets for mind you)and each girl is required to donate one item with a $25.00 minumum value. So, I was reading through the list of suggested items for ideas:
Limosine service- nope
Ski packages- nope
Laptop- nope
Wine- with all due respect- BACK OFF MY MERLOT, SISTERS!
Airline tickets- nope
Patio furniture (new)- oh, never mind
Jewelry, watches, handbags- nope
Set of golf clubs- David would kill me
Handmade items- scarves, quilts, etc.- BINGO!
donation for school auction 003
donation for school auction 002
donation for school auction 001
Don't mind the crappy pictures, they were taken in the dark with dying batteries. It's really cute in person!
This is what they are getting from me because I just couldn't find where I put those extra airline tickets to Switerland in time!
Oh yeah, wanna know why I made that little fish? It was the cut out neck portion of the bib and it was a perfect fish shape, I just had to do it.


Junie Moon said...

I think your auction project is a great offering. I'm fresh out of airline tickets, too, so I'm also working on a handmade item for a charity auction.

sappmama said...

You really should have called me. I would've been happy to send you my laptop.

Oh, wait. It's used.

I just think to myself, Self, there are people out there who have this kind of money. Become one of them!

I think your set is darling. I'd bid on it. The fish? Inspired!

Carolyn said...

adorable! I've been planning on making one of these yummy blankets... the print is so cute and the chenille so soft looking!

qusic said...

your bib set is so much cuter. the fish, oh my, what a great idea. Carol,sweetheart, what a blessing tickets were out.

debbie said...

Why did you spend all that time and effort? I haven't seen Dave ever wear that Rolex you gave him for his birthday, I'll bet it still has the tags on it, and he will hardly even notice it's gone, he has so many....tee hee

Annie Oakleaves said...

I love it,makes me want to have a baby..nooo grandkids!

Kristin said...

Oh my - i just love your auction items!!! :)

Also wanted to let you know that you're on my "homey inspirations" list on my blog!!!


Kelly, Modern June said...

LOVE IT! they look so pretty, I am supposed to be sewing an auction freebie right now but I am stalling a big way. urg I must go work! boo hoo!~