Saturday, April 26, 2008


Just a quick hello before I run out the door for a marathon weekend of endless softball and birthday parties. I would also like you know the level of my insanity. My house is in shambles, mountains of laundry to do, I don't have a gift for the party at noon BUT I did take 5 minutes to manufacture this tiny moo card case (you know... those cute little cards you buy on flickr?). There's a mom that will be at the party that is interested in some of my crafty stuff and asked me to bring a few cards, I didn't have an appropriate moo case but I had an idea for my tiny scraps of oilcloth-
ta da!
moo 002
moo 001
It needs tweaking but that's for a day when I have 10 minutes.
Have a great day!


hautemommy said...

Oh my gosh that is soooo cute!!! And I love those little moo cards as well...! They are so much better than regular business cards:) You have now inspired me to go up to my sewing room and whip some things up this evening!

Junie Moon said...

It's a cute little Moo card pouch and she'll be impressed when you whip it out to present her with a card.