Wednesday, April 30, 2008

not much excitement

A little remnant bin therapy:
I had to stop by JoAnn fabrics to see my favorite employee, Sheena, and gift her with an oilcloth lunchbag. Sheena is a college age girl who is ALWAYS happy and smiling. She hugs her favorite customers at least 3 times each visit. I wish I brought my camera with me so you could see her!
I gave her a bag like this:
black lace oilcloth lunchbag crafting 365 day 41
I thought she would cry.
Other than that, my life has been all about softball. Here's pictures from Julia's first game (they won!)
fireballs 002
fireballs 003
Gabby's team is undefeated 3-0 and Sammy's team doesn't start games until June.
I need to make lunches...have a great day :)


Junie Moon said...

What a sweet thing to do and I'm sure she'll thoroughly enjoy her beautiful new bag.

I love baseball!

Kristin said...

Yay for softball season! :) So sweet of you to give such a lovely gift to her also :)