Monday, May 12, 2008

Open Letter to My Neighbor

the dump nextdoor 002
Dear kooky neighbor,
You've got to know that you're house is falling apart, right? I mean, do you just not care? You're cement porch is crumbling, You're roof was so bad, the roofers felt bad just slapping on a sixth layer of shingles. Roofers don't really feel bad about offense to roofers but they typically do the job and leave without saying much, I heard these guys arguing with you and saw them shaking their heads. Your chimney is about to blow off the house.
the dump nextdoor 003
You have birds living under your siding, in your AC, in the eaves. You have squirrels living in your attic!
You make a nice living. You don't pay a mortgage. You received an inheritance. Why do you want to live in this eyesore, fire trap?
Carol who prays the tree between us doesn't ever come down.
the dump nextdoor 001


Junie Moon said...

Oh dear, this is definitely not a good thing. Maybe you could make a little list of suggested repair resources and give it to him (or her). It may be the prod they need to get on with things and it may help them if they're just plain wacky and totally clueless as to what they should be doing.

debbie said...

I think I have her email address somewhere, should I send a link to her blog.

debbie said...

I mean your blog!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate living next to the worst house in the street. I have often lived across the road so that is your view.
My neighbour refuses to water the footpath so there grass? is just weeds that then come into my lawn.
Hard to comprehend isn't it when they have the money to fix it.

Jus Shar Designs said...

I'm thinking that it may be something you can report to your town office. Couldn't hurt.

Tiff said...

HMMMM are ya sure your not talking about our house???? LOL! I don't think I could take the squirrels in the attic!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

I think I saw their house in the Audubon newsletter--it's been declared a bird sanctuary.
*grin* Karen

hautemommy said...

Ah, birds and squirrels?!! This post is cracking me up!!! :)