Saturday, May 17, 2008



I have 2 teenage daughters now, Gabby turned 13 yesterday. She's so cute, we still have to bake pink cupcakes to bring to school. I'll bake her pink cupcakes for as long as I'm able, just to make her happy. We had Gabby's first emergency room visit last week. She was jumping on Fabio's trampoline at his beach house(seriously, I can't make this stuff up)and she hurt her ankle and had to be carried home by her friends. break but she spent a few days in an aircast and on crutches.
There is also a rumour of a boy that "likes" my Gabby.

I have TWO teenage daughters now.

Lots of busy-ness around here this past week. My shop got blown out again (yay!), softball games, sports banquet, field trips to Boston and Newport RI, yesterday's b-day and another in 2 weeks, emergency room, etc. etc.
Enjoy your weekend!
My next post is 200...maybe there will be a lunchbag giveaway...just saying


debbie said...


Carol said...

He is the son of the owner of "Anthony's".
I swear I don't make this up.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Fabio? YOur daughter hangs with some pretty exotic people! lol

Happy Birthday to your (teeny) bopper--they grow so fast! Beautiful pink cupcakes.

Smiles, Karen

What do you mean "your shop got blown out"? ~~lots of sales???? !!

beki said...

Happy Birthday to Gabby!
Two teenage daughters - may the force be with you ;-)

Tiff said...

Wow TWO teenage daughters??? My daughter will be 12 next month and she has her momments but having two! My hats off to ya! How in the world do you know Fabio? Glad her ankle healed so fast!

Junie Moon said...

Sorry to be late for the birthday greetings, but I do sincerely wish her a magical year.

Two teenagers, oh my. Have a drink, take a breath, and just go for the ride.