Thursday, March 05, 2015

Small sewing for sanity

It's no secret that I start going a little squirrelly if I don't feed my creative soul, but having little uninterrupted time makes it difficult to do anything substantial. 
I stitched up a few of these cute lavendar sachet babies and put them on etsy. They are so easy and a great way to use up scraps of fabric. There is no pattern for this, you can make them whatever size or shape you'd like. 
Start by gathering your fabric. You'll need whatever you'd like for the face (1/3 of total baby length) and fabric for the body (2/3 of total baby length). 
Sew those together and then fold in half making it into a tube, leaving the top open. At this point you need to embroider a face on. I use the term embroider loosely as I basically used a total of 4 stitches for the entire face. 

I kind of like the simplicity of this face!
At this point you will try to figure out how to funnel the lavendar flowers into the bottom of this tube. 

Fill the body portion with lavendar. By now the relaxation properties of the lavendar should have kicked in and you will no longer be aggravated about the mess the flowers made.  Stuff the head with some fiberfill or a cotton ball and do a gathering stitch around the opening and pull the head shut tight. 
Now cut a triangle piece of felt or fleece for the babushka. 
It needs to be big enough for the points to meet around the head. 
I did some with the points in front but I really like them better in the back. 
Lastly I stitched a loop of floss on top so they can hang in a closet or wherever you want to smell lavendar. Every time you squeeze them you activate the scent... Even years later!

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