Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Pie

My sister Debbie  is a few years older than me (8) so we didn't really "grow up" together, she was always a few stages ahead of me. I had always admired her strength, creativity and ability to get s**t done but it wasn't until thanksgiving 15-20 years ago that I found out she was basically a genius at life. Instead of showing up at our mother's with Tupperware for leftovers she came bearing a half dozen frozen pie crusts. She probably said "f*** Tupperware" ( she swore a lot, she had 4 kids) "I'm  making thanksgiving pies and freezing them, Nobody wants to haul all that food out every time you make a plate!" Genius. There was no Pinterest back then kids. 
It's super easy and self explanatory but here's how I do it. 
I had two extra pie crusts and put them in 8" cake pans (my pie plates were busy)
Next, l layered stuffing and then turkey
Then a good amount of gravy and the chunkier veggies I had, roasted butternut and Brussel sprouts. 
On top of that I dropped spoonfuls of turnip and sweet potato. Pressing down with the back of the spoon. 
Lastly, I topped with mashed potatoes, again smoothing down with the spoon. 
Wrap them nice and tight in plastic wrap and then foil and stick them in gallon size ziplock bags and freeze

We will enjoy one of these in December and the other in January. I usually take it out to thaw for a day and then bake at 375 until however long it takes to get hot. 

2 comments: said...

I really like all that Thanksgiving traditions! Your recipe for Thanksgiving pie is wonderful, easy, and I bet, pie will be mouthwatering! Thanks, next year I will try it.

Carol said...

We just ate one for dinner last week, not only does it taste good it brings Thanksgiving back for the moment!