Monday, January 29, 2007

so many fabrics...too little time!

fabric therapy/addiction
My latest acquisition. Don't you love them?
I was emailing with Calamity Kim and we both have the same morbid thoughts....... what if we die before we use all of our fabrics (yarn, supplies, etc.)??? I really fear that I will run out of time! Either that or I will, God forbid, be crippled with arthritis rendering me unable to craft once the kids grow up. I have severe fabric anxiety along with a pretty fierce fabric addiction, I'm a mess.
Let me share some of my favorite smaller fabric retailers. These people know how to treat an addict right! The prices (especially the clearance!) are great, they all ship super fast and you can communicate with a real person if you need to.
Check out : they have great sales! I feel like I should buy some oil cloth! Alison can help you with any of your fabric needs, she's really helpful, go ahead and email her!

Go ahead and buy something, you know you want to:)


calamity kim said...

carol- I love that sew mama sew site! It ROCKS!!!!!!! Thanks so much for posting several more suppliers for my drug of choice( friendly slug to your non dominant arm!)No, really, seriously ;) I am fabric addicted- I admitt it!
Have you talked to Leeanne lately? She's off the grid again!!

Carol said...

*rubbing non dominant arm*
No Kim, I haven't heard from her in days but I emailed her today. She's probably all hopped up on cupcakes.

FreckleSandwich said...

(ive been dying for oilcloth myself!) you guys talking about your fabric and whether or not you will be able to use it all reminds me of my great grandma momterry (she was called that because she felt she was too young to be called grandma..even in her 80s) she lost the sight in one of her eyes and was almost blind in the other and she still kept embroidering her aunt martha patterns. pillowcases and dresser scarves mostly. they didnt look very good towards the end and sometimes were way off in the color dept. but she still kept going.she was an awesome lady that had 2 acres of garden that she took care of by herself til she was a little and bent over old lady. she also kept a runt pig (not a pot belly)named soozie in the house and when i was a kid she chased off the gypsies.(there were people going from town to town taking advantage of elderly,staying in their homes taking their checks ect. i was sitting on the toilet one day,i was like 7 if even that and momterry was out in the garden. they just walked right into the house and into the bathroom expecting to find her i guess. i got off the toilet and took them out back to momterry and she had a big bowl of goosberries she was cleaning and those gypsies just started grabbing handfuls and putting them in their mouths.without sugar,yuck!my momterry told them to get their "asses on down the road" i will never forget it ) but anyway it just shows you what people are capable of and if you dont get all of your fabric used up you can at least be buried with it!!
and no im not on cupcakes,lol i wish!

syko said...

Thanks for the tips! Not that I have any money for fabrics, but you can always check...

Carol said...

Hey Leeanne- you owe me a loooong email sistah!
Syko- Trust me I look at fabric a lot more than I buy it! It's ok to just dream:)