Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pre-Halloween Fun and Stress

I am a planner and I am truly an organized person...just don't look around my house...but I really am a bit OCD about things, I just have to let them go until the children move out.
*wringing hands and twitching*
Anyway, I knew this Halloween party was last night and I knew I had to search for costumes in the attic and I forgot to ask my Bumble to get them for me because he is the attic-putter-awayer (as all Bumbles are) and knows where he puts all the stuff...I'm rambling...

I spent my Saturday stressed, sweaty and dusty looking for costume things in the attic, in between baking cupcakes and shopping for juice boxes because volunteers bailed (grrr I hate that). It was worth it. Look at Julia's get up:
Julia as Orphan Annie Julia as Orphan Annie Julia as Orphan Annie
She was Orphan Annie (using a recycled dance costume) and was thrilled when she won 2nd place in the costume contest!
Julia wins 2nd place! Julia wins 2nd place!

Gabby and David (aka Bumble) were in the cast of actors in the haunted school and did an awesome job scaring the bejeesus out of people, seriously, they were very frightning. Sammy and her crew were a bit to cool for all that.
teenage girls are scary enough, no costumes needed :) she could do worse!
Today I am going to spend some quality time with my washer, dryer and sewing machine and perhaps admire my newest fabric therapy acquisitions that came in the mail yesterday
fabric therapy fabric therapy
*please excuse the blurry photos, my batteries keep crapping out on me!


debbie said...

Carol, that is not Orphan Annie, your subconcious played a trick on you. That is Carol Burnett as the cleaning lady she had at the end of all of her shows. Of all people who should know that, you should. After all, didn't you want to be her when you grew up???

Carol said...

Ha ha ha, yep that's who a few people thought she was. Ahhhh, I did want to be Carol Burnett so bad!

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Love the costume. Hope you have a better week this week.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Lots of halloweeny fun! Love the costume, but I thought the same thing--Carol Burnett! lol I love all your new fabrics, gorgeous! What are you going to do with the charm squares?
Smiles, Karen

Junie Moon said...

I love her costume, it's so cute! And those fabrics you have are gorgeous and are going to make for some fabulous projects.

Nothing much got done at my house in terms of taking care of house business. I was too busy messing around and having fun this weekend. Ah well, maybe elves will show up tonight whilst I'm asleep and do my housework for me.